We believe there is a direct connection between the well-being of those who are leading in ministry and the well-being of those they are leading.

The Center for Shepherd Care is a new focused outreach of Fieldstone Counseling that seeks to be a pastor to pastors, ministry leaders, and their families.

Therefore, we want to see God’s shepherds cared for, healed, better equipped, and encouraged—so that “their work will be a joy, not a burden” (Heb. 13:17) and the kingdom of God flourishes. 

We provide a safe, confidential place for ministry leaders to be real and recieve care.


Addressing past and current struggles, wounds, and crises through counseling and consultations for individuals, couples, families, and groups of people


Offering equipping opportunities on various personal and ministry topics through workshops, seminars, retreats, conferences, consultations, and cohorts

For Individuals in Ministry Leadership

  • One-on-one biblical counseling with a veteran pastor/counselor in a safe, confidential setting aimed at helping you recover from ministry wounds and frustrations (in person or on-line)

  • One-on-one consultations with an experienced pastor helping you think through ministry assessment, direction, and best practices (in-person or on-line)

  • Assistance in discernment of “calling to” and “calling from” ministry positions

  • The Shepherd Life seminar and cohort designed to give you practical help and hope in a small group setting

  • Creation of Covenant Groups (small groups of pastors/ministry leaders who meet regularly for mutual support)


For Couples in Ministry Leadership

  • Marriage and family counseling for pastors/ministry leaders and spouses in relational crisis/challenge, or simply for those who need a preventative marriage/family check-up (in-person & on-line)

  • Marriage retreats for groups of pastors/ministry leaders and spouses

For Church or Ministry Staff and Leadership Boards

  • Assistance in dealing with church/ministry conflicts (within staffs, boards, membership)

  • Facilitation of leadership retreats to help reach clarity and unity regarding church/ministry purpose, vision, strategy, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

  • Team building within and between church/ministry staffs, boards, ministry teams (clarifying group purpose, role, expectations, communication, accountability, and evaluation)

  • Leadership training (to be better servant leaders like Jesus)

  • Guidance in thinking through the search process for new leaders (and the exit process for departing leaders)

  • Equipping workshops/seminars on various ministry leadership topics as desired (ministry/life balance, avoiding burnout, evaluating success, church discipline, spiritual leadership, etc.)

  • Recommendation of helpful Christian resources (books, articles, web-sites, on-line instruction, etc.)

For Churches and Ministries (on behalf on pastors and ministry leaders)

  • Promotion of practical ways to show pastor/ministry leader appreciation

  • Promotion of practical ways to establish a healthy, mutually-serving relationship between the pastor/ministry leader and the congregation/ministry

  • Equipping congregations/ministries to deal with personal and relational challenges (conflicts, communication, speaking the truth in love, forgiveness, reconciliation, high truth/high grace, etc.)

  • Pre-marital counseling for couples considering marriage on behalf of a pastor who would like this assistance

Our vision is to see pastors and ministry leaders healed, cared for, better equipped, and encouraged so that “their work will be a joy, not a burden” (Heb. 13:17) and the kingdom of God flourishes in Northeast Ohio.


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